Host an Online Discussion with Leading Academics on Science & Faith

Dr. Hannah Eagleson is a writer, speaker, and editor with over a decade of experience helping communities worldwide explore questions of science, faith, and calling.

We help communities ask Big Questions about Science and Faith with confidence

Conversations about science and faith can feel precarious if you’re not an expert on science or religion.

To help communities get started with the big questions, Dr. Hannah Eagleson and her co-authors created the new book “Science & Faith: Student Questions Explored.” In the 2020-2021 academic year, Dr. Eagleson is available as a speaker and facilitator of online discussion groups about science and faith.

Our facilitation guides, developed alongside Christian college groups across the US, will help your community:

  • Get started asking questions about science and faith
  • Build good conversations about faith among scientists
  • Fruitfully discuss high-stakes topics such as origins

The book also includes group discussion guides on:

  • Reconciling faith and the scientific method
  • Does the Bible support scientific inquiry?
  • How can science enhance a person’s faith?
  • Can scientists believe in the supernatural?
  • How can Christians in science talk about faith with secular friends and colleagues?
  • How did God create the world? Summarizing common views Christians hold and their relation to science
  • How can Christians in science grow scientific literacy among our fellow Christians?
  • How can epistemology help us see more clearly what faith and science contribute to knowledge?
  • How can the History of Science encourage the Church?

Contributing Authors

  • Dr. Joshua Ho (Biology)
  • Dr. Greg Cootsona (Theology), California State University
  • Dr. Ciara Reyes Ton (Molecular Biology), Lipscomb University
  • Dr. Garrett League (Vector Biology), Cornell University
  • Dr. Ruth Bancewicz (Genetics), Faraday Institute for Science and Religion
  • Dr. Andy Walsh (Molecular Microbiology and Immunology)
  • Dr. Neil Shenvi (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Robert Kaita (Physics), Princeton University
  • Dr. David Vosburg (Chemistry), Harvey Mudd College
  • Dr. Gerald Rau (Botany)
  • Dr. Rocye Francis (Engineering), George Washington University
  • Dr. James Stump (Philosophy), BioLogos
  • Dr. James Ungureanu (History of Science/Religion), University of Wisconsin Madison

Session formats

Our 70-90 minute online sessions are designed to support your community to start asking questions about science and faith with curiosity, humility, and mutual respect. At typical session with a Christian audience features:

  • a brief discussion introduction from a leading scholar on science and faith
  • a series of break-out discussions with guided questions to get started
  • summary and discussion of break-out conversations
  • next steps for further exploration

Bulk Discount Packages for Discussion Groups

If you plan to order Science & Faith: Student Questions Explored with your community, we have bulk discounts available. Please contact the publisher for more details.

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