Dr. Hannah Eagleson

Organizer, Speaker, Writer, and Editor

New Book: Science & Faith

How does science enhance faith? Is God relevant in an age of science? Science and Faith: Student Questions Explored provides Christian perspectives from a diverse group of scientists for the perfect conversation starter.

Emerging Scholars Network

Dr. Eagleson is Associate Director of the Emerging Scholars Network, which supports thousands of students, postdocs, and faculty across the US to work out how their academic vocation serves God and others.

Writing: Poetry, Nonfiction, Fiction

How can enduring ideas sparkle and inspire? As a writer, Hannah Eagleson has explored this question through poetry, journalism, school textbooks, music lyrics, and children’s fiction.

Chesterton House at Cornell University

At Chesterton House, a Christian Study center at Cornell, Dr. Eagleson is Director of Graduate Student and Faculty Engagement.

Speaker & Convenor

How can passion-filled Christians find their calling? As a speaker, storyteller, public scholar, and convenor, Dr. Eagleson helps communities worldwide explore their calling together.

Broadening Inclusion in Science

Since 2016, Dr. Eagleson has worked with the American Scientific Affiliation to lead early-career programs to support the next generation of scientific leaders.

Developmental Editing

As an editor, Dr. Eagleson helps authors shape their ideas into a coherent book that can effectively reach their audience.

Most recently, she edited Christianity in a Time of Climate Change: To Give a Future with Hope by Dr. Kristen Poole.

Textbooks & Study Guides

As an educational writer, Dr. Eagleson has published over 30 textbooks and teaching guides for public schools, home schools, and classical schools on topics including literature, writing, earth science, and geography.

Literary Scholarship

Dr. Eagleson has a PhD in Early Modern Literature from the University of Delaware and a Master’s degree from St. John’s College.

Her dissertation showed how poets John Donne and George Hebert imagined the body in the world across theological time.

Not all those who wander are lost.



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