Finding Hope in Faith and Work: Graduate Ministry at Cornell

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8-9:15pm EST
Wednesday, Dec 16

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About the Event

Graduate students are creating innovative ways to support each other’s spiritual lives, imagining new possibilities in a complex time, and connecting with national networks to strengthen how they live out God’s calling at Cornell. Come celebrate God’s work with us!

Join Dr. Hannah Eagleson, Associate Director of the InterVarsity Emerging Scholars Network, for a relaxed, intimate evening to reflect with others on what God is doing in student ministry and in areas of faith and work at Cornell.

This interactive event, organized in support of Hannah’s work with InterVarsity, will feature:

  • Christmas harp music, performed by Hannah
  • An interview and ministry update with Hannah
  • Signs of Hope in Cornell Graduate Ministry: A conversation with Karl Johnson; Sara Beth Leach Cebry, president of Cornell’s Graduate Christian fellowship; and Merle Mullet, president of Cornell’s Johnson Christian fellowship
  • Finding Hope in Faith and Work: A conversation with Dr. Sherol Chen, founder of Passion Talks
  • What Hannah loves the most about life in Ithaca, New York, where she is now serving local ministries, including:
    • Chesterton House, a Christian Study Center
    • The Cornell Graduate Christian Fellowship
  • Meet other friends, supporters, and students connected to Hannah’s ministry and Cornell InterVarsity graduate groups, and connect in small group conversations.


Dr. Karl Johnson is the founder of Chesterton House, a Christian study center at Cornell, and Executive Director Elect for The Consortium of Christian Study Centers. Karl consistently forges new paths in ministry at Cornell and beyond, and currently advises The Johnson Christian Fellowship at Cornell’s college of business. 

Dr. Sherol Chen is a researcher and software engineer at Google, and the founder of Passion Talks International. She organizes many good endeavors related to faith and work in academia and beyond.

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To attend the event, please make a donation to support Hannah’s ministry through InterVarsity. A no-donation option is available to students, who we would love to see join in! Current donors are welcome to attend (no need to make an additional gift; registration instructions below). Donations will fund Hannah’s work to support graduate ministry at Cornell, and to connect students with the national Emerging Scholars Network Hannah co-directs. Donations are tax deductible.

We encourage people to make recurring donations. Those who donate will receive a thank-you based on the sum of anticipated donations over a three month period, or the amount of your one-time gift. Please see below for a list of thank-you gifts at each giving level. Current donors: Please register at the level you have already given, and we’ll send you a thank-you gift (no need to make an additional gift). If you prefer not to receive a thank-you gift for any reason, simply register at the zero cost student level.

Note: We understand and respect that some people prefer their giving to be anonymous. If you prefer to make an anonymous gift, unfortunately we won’t be able to send a thank-you, but please know how much we appreciate your generosity!

($25) Original Poetry – Receive a postcard to send or keep with “To John Donne, in My Sickness,” an original poem by Hannah Eagleson that reflects on God’s faithfulness during times of illness, inspired by John Donne’s famous Meditation XVII.

($75) – Veni Emmanuel – Ancient & Traditional Latin Christmas Carols – featuring harp performances by Hannah Eagleson. Songs range from the fifth century A.D. through 1900. Includes full Latin lyrics and English translations.

($150) – Science & Faith Book – How does science enhance faith? Is God relevant in an age of science? Science and Faith: Student Questions Explored, edited by Dr. Eagleson, provides Christian perspectives from a diverse group of scientists for the perfect conversation starter at your college group or church.

($300)In the Sky – Origin Unknown – Hannah contributed lyrics to a new 2020 album by the contemporary classical composer and guitarist Kevin Cope. “In the Sky” is sung by soprano Rachael Lipson. At this level, you will receive both Veni Emmanuel and Origin Unknown.

($600) – “The Man Born to Be King” Family PlayReading Pack – Is your family looking for ways to spend time together while being physically distanced? In 1941, just days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the BBC began broadcasting “The Man Born to be King,” a radio play by the novelist Dorothy Sayers about the life of Jesus, produced by John Gielgud.

At this level, you will receive a copy of the radio play, a study guide for young people by Hannah Eagleson, and a guide to organizing online play-readings.

($1000 and up)Science & Faith workshop at your college, community group, or church – Is your community trying to make sense of connections and apparent conflicts between science and faith? Host a conversation with Dr. Hannah Eagleson, who has spent over a decade engaging with these questions as a scholar, writer, and leader in national university ministry.

At this level, Dr. Eagleson will join and facilitate an online session with your community about science, faith, and how to reconcile them.

Dr. Hannah Eagleson,
Associate Director, InterVarsity Emerging Scholars Network

Project Director, Ithaca Roundtable on Science and Religion

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Cornell University image source: CC-BY-4.0, by Dantes De MonteCristo on Wikimedia Commons.

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